In the Spirit of Stonewall: Reflections on PRIDE and Queer Assimilation

A flier produced to be handed out at PRIDE 2012.

Free Cece McDonald

This short pamphlet contains the story and current struggle of CeCe McDonald, a black transwoman currently serving time in prison for defending herself against a hate crime. For updated information see supportcece.wordpress.com

Are We an Occupation or Just a Gathering?

They Are Not Us

The Police Are the Tool of the 1%

Feminists Occupy STL


May Day 2012 Poster–Top Half

May Day 2012 Poster–Bottom Half

A poster commemorating the global rebellions of May Day 2012.

Two 11x17s that fit together as one poster.

May Day 2012 witnessed some of the most militant demonstrations in recent memory both in the US and around the world. As global insurgents begin to find their power and express their rage, it is to be expected that the state will strive to repress these acts. Let us not forget the comrades that have become prisoners of the state. Freedom to the Cleveland 5, solidarity to the insurgents arrested in Oakland CA, NYC, Seattle and everywhere else. In the face of repression, we will continue our attacks, we will continue to express our rage and discontent with every means at our disposal.



Half-Fizzle, Half-Sabotage

A reflection on the demise of Occupy St. Louis

Dangerous Foundations: An Argument Against the “Identity” in Identity Politics

“This is an argument against identity politics, but it is not an argument against
feminism, or queer liberation, or anti-racism work. It is instead an argument
that the oppressions usually combated through identity politics — a strategy
based on the affirmation of Identity — could be better fought through its
abandonment, or in the least through a radical destabilisation of existing

A newly formatted version of a critique of identity politics originally published in Aotearoa (New Zeland), Anarchist journal Imminent rebellion #9.

Select “booklet printing” in your printer options to print in zine format and make sure that “auto-rotate pages” is selected.

Not Fit for Human Consumption: How Ohio Saves Money by Poisoning Prisoners

A new zine by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, exposing the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections’ practice of poisoning and starving inmates to save themselves a buck.

Locked Up

Italian Anarchist Alfredo M. Bonanno presents an insurrectionist anarchist analysis of the modern prison system and its role within capitalism, including a debunking of the reformist language of “prison abolition.” Complex analysis presented in a readable, conversational tone.

Notes on the Arab Spring

An introduction, a time-line and two articles on the spontaneous insurrections that occurred in the Arab world in the spring of 2011 from an anti-authoritarian perspective and with a focus on lessons applicable to the context of North America.

The Mythology of Work

An illustrated primer on the complex problem of having to go to work even though we (usually) don’t want to. Debunks common myths about work and exposes capitalism for what it really is.

At Daggers Drawn

Black Anarchism

A short talk by Ashanti Alston on his introduction to anarchism while in prison, the relevance of anti-authoritarian ideas to the Black community, as well as new ways of thinking about international struggles.

The Dragon and the Hydra

A short historical study of African and Native American movements in Jamaica, Suriname, Haiti, and the Southern U.S., with a focus on the decentralized organizational forms that made their rebellions against colonialism possible.

Enemies We Know

An analysis of three absolute enemies: “Police,” “Bosses,” and “Rapists.” Each is examined from their functional role within the environment they serve and exposed as an amorphous set of practices rather than a substance. In a world of such confusion, it’s nice to know certain truths.

We Know What is Ours

No, We Can’t All Just Get Along: Hip-Hop, Gang Unity and the L.A. Riots

A selection from Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation by Jeff Chang that focuses on the 1992 L.A. Riots. Provides a background of L.A.’s racial hostilities and class conflicts and the gang unity project that led up to the event.

On Women and Violence

This zine is a compilation of two essays: “Justice is a Woman with a Sword” by D.A. Clarke and “Where Abolition Meets Action” by Victoria Law. Both essays focus on the potential and the need for women to take issues of self-defense into their own hands.

This is Not a Love Story

Includes a herstory and an interview of the Revolutionary Cells and Rote Zora armed resistance in Germany and a brief look at the Canadian, feminist armed struggle groups Direct Action and the Wimmin’s Fire Brigade.

Toward the Queerest Insurrection

A criminal queer insurrectionist manifesto which articulates “queer” as a rebellion against heterosexuality, patriarchy, monogamy, and capitalism.

World Behind Bars

A critical look at aspects of the U.S. prison system from an anarchist and anti-racist perspective. Based on a series of workshops facilitated by the authors.

The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism

An account of the group Men Against Sexism that formed within Walla Walla state prison to combat a culture of rape, homophobia and sexism.

Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

A newly-formatted compilation of two essays exploring the potential of those within prison to transcend the racialized hatred cultivated by prison officials. First, “Back from Hell” by Lorenzo Komboa Evrin, followed by “Black and White and Dead All Over” by Staughton Lynd.







One thought on “Resources

  1. Sending love to all Anarchists!

    In solidarity,

    Troy Stuart ( A )

    Posted by Anonymous | October 20, 2012, 10:23 pm

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