The Police are the Tool of the 1%

The Police are the Tool of the 1% flyers: Version 1 & Version 2

The Police might just be doing their job when they eventually evict us from the plaza, but they do in fact have a choice, just like we have a choice in say whether to call in sick for work or not. A question we should ask is: If the Police really were part of the 99%, if they were really with us, then why would they evict us? Why would they continue to just “do their job”?

The Police help the banks evict us from our foreclosed homes everyday, but if they really were with us in this struggle-then why don’t they stop? This struggle against corporate greed requires people giving up roles (such as the police) that are needed to lubricate the nuts and bolts that keep the status quo. This would mean for them to not follow orders from their superiors, this would mean no longer being police.

The Police might be blue-collar or part of the “99%,” but they enforce the laws that keep the divide between the rich and the poor intact. The police are the protectors of the 1%. The police are the ones firing tear gas and rubber bullets whenever a demonstration gets out of hand. They are the ones who stand between every hungry person and the grocery shelves stocked with food, between every homeless person and the buildings standing empty, between every immigrant and her family. The police are the ones who beat Occupy Wall St. protestors, who gunned down Sean Bell and Oscar Grant, and who murdered Fred Hampton in his bed. They are the ones who once enforced segregation in the United States and who back the bosses and the 1% in every strike.

The Police as an institution, that is an extension of the 1%, are fundamentally and very concretely in the way of what we really want-the end of a society based on class divisions. The downtown police officers might be the nicest people in the world, but they will still be the ones evicting us from the plaza. They are still part of that same extension.

This means they’re not to be trusted by any of us involved in the occupation.



2 thoughts on “The Police are the Tool of the 1%

  1. excellent flyer. Not just anarchists but all revolutionaries should be engaging with this struggle, there is a real potential to break down some of these reformist illusions and to start creating an anti-capitalist political pole here in the 206.

    Posted by mamos206 | October 7, 2011, 7:45 pm
  2. this is great. would you be able to post formatted files for print of all of these texts? lovin y’all

    Posted by avl | October 10, 2011, 3:16 pm

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