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Occupy the Class War – Perspectives from Iowa City on the Rhetoric of Occupy

Written and published by Smooth Spaces in January of 2012: [A text I wrote to thinking through the rhetoric of Occupy and the effects it has on the class analysis within the movement. Written with help and support from a group I’m involved with, Wild Rose Collective, where the text was originally published.] It would seem … Continue reading

SHIT’S NOT CHILL: First Communiqué from Occupied Auditorium, Indiana University

From Rififi: This evening (Tuesday, April 10th), the Fine Arts Auditorium on Indiana University’s campus was seized by around fifty of us- students, graduates, employees, and others fed up with the implementation of austerity, both here in Bloomington and internationally. We’ve opened the space not only for the purpose of having ground from which to … Continue reading

Occupy, Liberate, De-Colonize: An Open Letter to the Occupy Movement from Anarchist Political Prisoner Sean Swain

In 2007, in a published interview I observed that if Ohio prisoners simply laid on their bunks for 30 days, the system would collapse. I wasn’t talking about just the prison system, but Ohio’s entire economy. I came to that conclusion because I recognized that 50,000 prisoners work for pennies per day making the food, … Continue reading

Missive from the 2nd Psychogeographical Association to the people of Carbondale and beyond in recognition of Occupy Carbondale

A leaflet handed out in October at the Occupy Carbondale (IL) encampment: The Oakland Occupy Encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza in California was raided at 4:30 am. Using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash-bang grenades over 70 people were arrested and the plaza evacuated. October 25, 2011 by The Second Pyschogeographical Association in recognition of … Continue reading

Artifacts from a Little Revolt in “Little Egypt” – Oh, Carbondale

The faculty strike is over at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Here’s a look back at the outburst of pro-strike propaganda and other (visual) creativity that swirled around the strike and its interplay with the Occupy Carbondale movement. For those who don’t know, southern Illinois has been dubbed “Little Egypt” for more than a century. (For … Continue reading

Jefferson City teenager arrested for hurling firebomb at Egyptian police in Tahrir Square

In the region that arguably started these worldwide waves of occupations, the street fighting continues in Cairo and throughout the cities of Egypt… a revolution unfinished. Three Americans, one from Jefferson City, Missouri, were arrested by Egyptian police today and paraded on state-controlled Egyptian television. They were students at American University in Cairo which sits … Continue reading

Banks Vandalized in Springfield, MO

The following is corporate media coverage of bank vandalism in Springfield, MO from the night of November 10/11: Banks vandalized, likely by Occupy Wall Street protesters by Ashley Reynolds, KY3 News November 11, 2011 More criminal acts are associated with the nationwide Occupy Wall Street Movement, this time in Springfield. Eight people were arrested during a rally … Continue reading

“I don’t want to be known as a good German” – OccupySTL Evicted, Arrests at Occupy Springfield, MO

On Friday November 11, shortly after the 10pm curfew, St. Louis police moved in on the Occupy St. Louis encampment at Kiener Plaza. Some occupants chose to continue the occupation after a warning was issued. These 27, one of who chained himself to a chair, were arrested after police were forced to wade through a … Continue reading

Carbondale: Personal Account of Strike from 11/7

The following is a personal account of Day 5 (Monday, November 7) of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale Faculty strike. Today was a really amazing day on the SIUC campus. Some undergraduate students organized a rally in solidarity with the Faculty Strike — which has turned into something of an occupation, since the five members … Continue reading

SIU Carbondale strike update

The Faculty Association (tenured and tenure-track faculty) at Southern Illinois Carbondale followed through on their threat to strike last Thursday while the other 3 threatening unions reached last-minute agreements. Today the strike entered Day 5, as negotiations with university officials on Sunday night collapsed. The Occupy Carbondale movement has been organizing contniuous demonstrations to support … Continue reading

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