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In the Spirit of Stonewall: Reflections on PRIDE and Queer Assimilation

Long gone are the days when our bars were raided by the police on a daily basis, when trannies carried bricks in their purses to swing at the cops, and pumps were both a fashion statement and a weapon. We have lost the sexual liberation we once found at truck stops and bath houses. Gone … Continue reading

On “The Icarus Project” – experiences from a St. Louis participant

The following text was published recently in the latest issue (volume 12) of “Soliloquies From Strange Dislocales” – a zine of poetry and prose of mad-pride, surrealist rebellion, and rebellious surrealism. The entire issue can be downloaded here: sols.pdf Here are documents which concerns St. Louis Icarus Project itself and something crafted for a film … Continue reading

Local community member visited by FBI

This morning 2 agents from the local FBI office visited a member of the St. Louis radical community. They first went to this individuals parents home where they were given this persons home address. The individual was approached at home and taken to the local office and asked a few questions. They were asked ‘if … Continue reading

One Year Anniversary of Scott Perry’s Murder

SCOTT PERRY, MURDERED BY THE STATE One year ago yesterday, guards at the St. Louis Justice Center held Scott Perry against his will, refused him medical treatment and let him bleed to death. Scott is one of six people known by name to have died in custody in St. Louis in the past few years … Continue reading

General Occupy STL Links

Thoughtful Perspectives on other North American #Occupy Movements

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