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Chicago Solidarity Demonstration In St. Louis Ends With Arrests After Police Scuffle

On the evening of May 24th, 30 to 40 people converge to voice their anger against the brutal repression of Anti-NATO protesters by the Chicago Police Department. Protesters from around the world met in Chicago the weekend of May 19, to confront the NATO summit. During this three demonstrators were arrested for an alleged terrorism plot, what can be clearly seen to be a case of entrapment, while dozens of other protestors were bloodied and/or jailed. Those of us in St. Louis sought to express our solidarity with demonstrators in Chicago and with everyone everywhere who dares to resist the conditions of this world. Like the flows of Capital, repression knows no boundaries and neither does Solidarity.

NATO functions as a world police to insure the smooth plundering and exploitation of the population. The same is true of their local counterparts, the St. Louis Police Department for example. Along with NATO and the brutal acts of its state defenders, those marching last night had on their minds the many who have been killed by the SLPD. St. Louisans are harassed daily and murdered monthly. This is exemplified by many instances. By Scott Perry, killed in the downtown jail. Anthony Smith, shot in the streets. The attempted occupation of Compton Hill Reservoir Park was brutally evicted. Many homeless encampments along the river were meticulously removed. All of these examples stand to remind us that at every attempt to better our lives, outside of the logic of capital, we are met with the violent force of the Police.

The solidarity demonstration left from the formerly occupied Keiner Plaza and began to snake through the downtown area. A mobile sound system, banners, leaflets and chants were used to express a collective rage against the police and the system they defend accompanied it. The march continued for half an hour without incident, weaving through throngs of Cardinals fans passing by, many of whom honked or cheered in enthusiasm.

During the march “Solidarity with all who resist!” and “Burn the banks!” along other slogans were spray painted on various downtown banks. In response to this, an irate citizen, who later turned out to be the property manager of one of the banks, began to follow the march. He began to harass marchers and communicating with police. At one point, the property manager was confronted and struck in the head. He then quickly retreated to the safety of the police. Once the police were alerted, they mobilized quickly: cars, bikes, wagons and a helicopter rushed to the scene. In the following scuffle 10 demonstrators were arrested. According to corporate media coverage, two officers were hit in the head, and another received treatment for a hand injury.

As it stands one comrade is charged with two felony assaults, one felony property damage, two felony resisting and interfering, one misdemeanor rioting, and one misdemeanor assault. Others seem to be charged with felony resisting and interference and misdemeanor riot.

Solidarity to all those arrested! Resistance lives on!


7 thoughts on “Chicago Solidarity Demonstration In St. Louis Ends With Arrests After Police Scuffle

  1. As someone who was very close to the front lines in Chicago, thank you to our St. Louis comrades! Solidarity!

    Posted by "Bob White" | May 25, 2012, 5:24 pm
  2. It’s still unbelievable that things ended the way they did. I suppose that’s naive, but really, what the fuck was that?!?! Much love to everyone. We won’t be silenced in this way.

    Posted by F.H. | May 27, 2012, 11:02 am
  3. SOLIDARY brothers and sisters of the 99%

    Posted by janelle | May 27, 2012, 9:57 pm
  4. love for comrades busted that night(and any other time);pure cold hate for pigs and snitches.
    What else can you say….

    Posted by Lin Biao | May 28, 2012, 12:23 pm
  5. Love the advertisement at the bottom of the article. Are you sticking it to the man or giving it to the man?

    Posted by Anonymous | May 29, 2012, 10:07 pm
    • I don’t know if you’re referring to the solidarity picture, or if you actually mean an advertisement, but yeah, depending on what browser you’re using they’re sometimes an ad at the bottom, which sucks but I don’t think people have money to spend on a blog, so that’s that.

      Posted by Anonymous | May 30, 2012, 7:07 am
  6. `ѩ`ԩ`tĴ,֥ɷԩ`Bͨ؜,`ѩ`ԩ` Ʒ|륤ȥԩ`,ͥ ԩ`,åԩ`,᥹ԩ`, ץԩ`,ߥ奦ߥ奦ԩ`, ҊӤʤ󥯥`륳ԩ`
    supreme 륤 ȥ ԩ`

    Posted by Anonymous | October 8, 2019, 2:53 am

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