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#OCCUPYDENVER Fights Eviction, 9 Arrests // St. Louis: Police Murder Anthony Lamar Smith

#OCCUPYDENVER Sets Fire to Structures, Barricade Streets,Fight Police, 9 Arrests – From Ignite! Last night, during police action taken to evict the Occupy Denver camp, protesters bravely faced down battalions of riot police. Structures built in the park were set alight, demonstrators fought police, threw barricades in the street, and staged raids on the dump trucks … Continue reading

Undercover Police Discovered Spying on Local Meeting

From You Should Probably Know. “On the night of December 6, while concerned friends and neighbors met to discuss ways to help a local homeownwer save her house, the pictured individuals came to try and stop us. They are two undercover police officers from the St. Louis Police Department. They came half-way through the meeting … Continue reading

Proposed Central Principles for Occupy

At the core of the Occupy movement are a handful of deeply radical principles.  These are important factors in understanding why the movement has been both contagious and powerful.  Currently Occupy St. Louis is a bureaucratic nightmare, but in October it was so beautiful.  Engaging these principles is paramount to rediscovering our power, whether that … Continue reading

Missive from the 2nd Psychogeographical Association to the people of Carbondale and beyond in recognition of Occupy Carbondale

A leaflet handed out in October at the Occupy Carbondale (IL) encampment: The Oakland Occupy Encampment at Frank Ogawa Plaza in California was raided at 4:30 am. Using tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash-bang grenades over 70 people were arrested and the plaza evacuated. October 25, 2011 by The Second Pyschogeographical Association in recognition of … Continue reading

Occupy graffiti targets Frontenac neighborhood of the 1%, while City feigns Hopeville eviction

Original Story and Video from KSDK Vandals hit Frontenac neighborhood overnight November 30, 2011 Jeff Small Frontenac, MO (KSDK) – Vandals hit a Frontenac neighborhood and what they wrote is getting everyone’s attention. Police say they’re using the Occupy movement to do the damage. It happened at the entrance to Portland Estates off Geyer road just … Continue reading

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