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A demand and a half.

Our first official demand has been approved for publication. It’s not a whole lot, but it’s getting things going. It reads:

We demand all charges brought against the occupation so far be dropped immediately. Public space should be public space 24 hours a day.

Tonight’s General Assembly approved the following demand and hopefully the morning assembly approves it two (official statements have to be approved by two consecutive assemblies. This policy is in place because of the differences in who is able to attend the morning and evening assemblies). This statement has the potential to take this occupation in all new directions.

1. From this point forward, we offer our support for all strikes taking place in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.
2. We commit to offer practical and creative support to those who walk out from union or non-union work places, with or without union leadership.
3.This statement also applies to student strikes.
By issuing this statement, we wish to send a message to everyone in this city, that if you are fighting back, then we got your back. Talk to your co-workers and fellow students. Every grievance against this system is worthy of a collective response.

We encourage everyone, ourselves included, to no longer let our discontent boil beneath the surface. We believe the time to act is now.

We’re getting more and more excited about the occupation, as concrete steps are being taken to expand it out of business-as-usual, protest-as-usual models. And a lot of people are really starting to get it. The initial fear of feeling as though we needed to be present at all assemblies to make sure our angle was articulated has faded as new faces speak their mind as though they were reading ours. Also the idea that if people want something done they have to do it themselves is really catching on – everything from organizing workshops, to maintenance, to facilitating (people who for the first time found out about it a week ago are facilitating meetings with 100-200 participants, dear lord!) It’s incredible to see happen.

There are at least two marches planned this Friday. There’s a labor one at 3:30pm and it’s rumored that there are going to be 800-1000 union members present and that they’re considering blocking one of the bridges downtown that goes between Missouri and Illinois. The other is a Pelican Bay Solidarity Noise Demo to the downtown “Justice” Center. Come check it out!



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