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New Text in Response to Oakland Eviction

Over the last few days the police have arrested hundreds across the country for the occupations. They have used tear gas and “less lethal” weapons against the people occupying what has been renamed “Oscar Grant Plaza” in Oakland, CA. They have put a two tour Iraq war veteran into serious condition. They used “flash bang” … Continue reading

Occupy Carbondale maintains occupation in solidarity with 4 looming strikes; March on Nov. 3

On October 22, the general assembly at nearby Occupy Carbondale (IL) released this official statement: “Whereas the reasons Occupy Carbondale chose this location, between the Bucky Dome and Gaia House on the campus of SIUC, are numerous and variable; And whereas one of those reasons was to insist that the SIUC administration give a fair contract to … Continue reading

Friday Night, Round Two

Friday night we once again took to the streets, and once again surpassed the initial goal of the march. 150-200 people left Occupied Kiener Plaza, and marched down to the Justice Center (downtown jail). We intended to hold a noise demo in solidarity with striking prisoners in California. Banners included “SOLIDARITY WITH PELICAN BAY AND … Continue reading

Friday’s Demonstrations in Images

The afternoon union-initiated march: The evening prisoner strike solidarity demonstration and more:

Fifth and Sixth Official Statements from #OccupySTL

The fifth statement was written in response to racist graffiti found at the occupation. It could have been from anyone (someone wondering through the park, a participant,a provacateur, it’s an open public space and near impossible to stop something like that from happening.) When it was brought to the everyone’s attention, people were appalled and … Continue reading

New PDFs of flyers passed out

Here you go everyone: Two PDFs of flyers we have passed around the occupation. You are welcome to print them off (whether you are in St Louis or outside in another #Occupy) if you are tickled by the texts. The first one is meant to be printed double sided. The other, one sided. And by … Continue reading

Statement from #Occupy Boston

For OccupySTL and others to consider. The following is an official statement put out by #OccupyBoston. It’s an amazing stance that blows the violence/non-violence debate out of the water and instead replaces it with tactical conversations, an affirmation that they will trust each other and (most of all) not succumb to outsiders’ attempts to define … Continue reading

A demand and a half.

Our first official demand has been approved for publication. It’s not a whole lot, but it’s getting things going. It reads: We demand all charges brought against the occupation so far be dropped immediately. Public space should be public space 24 hours a day. Tonight’s General Assembly approved the following demand and hopefully the morning … Continue reading

Meet Me in Occupy#St.Louis

This text was originally an e-mail sent Wednesday, October 5 by someone participating in OccupySTL, to a friend in Europe who posted in on libcom.org and now it’s coming back here. Oh, the internet! The statement’s a raw, guttural take on things and, when written, didn’t necessarily know it was gonna end up in the public eye. (The author has OK’ed us … Continue reading

Isn’t it Beautiful?

The following is from a local blog analyzing Friday night’s march. I have been spending a large chunk of my already meager free time at Kiener plaza taking part in aspects of the occupystl demonstration. As still fairly new to St. Louis I have been trying to grasp the significance of what is occurring around me… particularly after last night’s spectacular … Continue reading

General Occupy STL Links

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